Saturday, May 29, 2010

Oh my...

Life. It happens so fast. My children are done with yet another year of school. I will have a HIGH SCHOOLER next year. Whaaaat? Where did the time go? I am begging her to go to public school. She is resisting because she thinks she will be a failure. Her self esteem is non-existent and I am to blame somehow; I am sure of it. She thinks she is ugly, stupid, and not worth anyone's time or attention. She is fourteen. I hope someday she realizes how precious she is, but I think it will be long time coming.

Then I will have a fourth grader who hates everything about school. She really doesn't want to go to public school because she realizes that she would be stuck in a classroom for 7 hours and she is NOT having that. At all. No thank you. She would rather be out playing and riding her bike and her scooter and scraping her knees by falling on the driveway.

My Josiah will be in second grade. Another one who tolerates school and cannot wait for the "learning" to be over. "Mama, do I have to write my spelling words?" is the sentence I hear every single day. Ummm, yep. The answer never changes.

Caleb is staying in middle school one more year since he will attend public school until his 21st birthday. It makes sense to keep him in middle school four years before transitioning him to high school. It is time to think about Social Security, and Medicaid, and transitioning IEP's and lots of other stuff that most people will never have to deal with. Lucky us, we get to jump through a lot of legal red tape just to remain his guardian after he turns 18. And so it begins.

is so short.

every breath.

if it means
being true to yourself
when no one else
thinks that is a good idea.

Don't listen
to them.

Listen to

Because you...
you alone...
are the only one who knows
what makes you


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Ariel said...

If it helps your daughter, I still struggle with self esteem at age 19, finishing my freshman year of college. I even dealt with cutting and suicidal thoughts at one point. The one thing that got me through was the help of my friends. As long as she is continually told she is loved, it doesn't matter how many mistakes she makes. I STILL make mistakes! It's just something you learn from.

Nancy @ momjustlikeyou said...

You are right, Misty. Don't listen to the proverbial "them." In fact, I have had it up to my eyeballs with "them" and they even claim to be Christians. Everyone wants to judge, but only God is our judge. We'll answer to Him one day. Meanwhile, carry on!