Wednesday, October 14, 2009

H1N1 and other bloggy thoughts

I am praying, hoping, and crossing my fingers that the flu or H1N1 doesn't come home with Caleb. It could kill Olaf and I certainly do not want it at home. Another little girl died today in Georgia from H1N1 and several people I know are infected with it. It really sucks to have a person in our home with zero immune system. Wash your hands people and if you are sick, STAY HOME! I don't understand why that is so difficult for people. People are so selfish that they keep their children in school, go to work with a fever, etc. THINK ABOUT SOMEONE ELSE BESIDES YOURSELVES!! I am keeping my children in the house as much as possible. The only child with any outside contact is Caleb. Praise the Lord above for homeschooling.

Speaking of homeschool, Camille is enthralled right now with anime. She loves it. She reads anime comic books, tries to draw anime, and watches anime on You Tube. She is certainly 13 years old and trying to get a photograph of her right now is like trying to take her to the dentist for a root canal. She is also fabulous and fun and my best friend. She is snarky and sarcastic and makes me laugh every single day. Every mom should have a Camille. I love her so much that it almost hurts. She is such a fantastic kid (not perfect, but fantastic!) and I am so blessed.

OIaf and I are going to Vegas in March as long as we can find someone to watch the children. (Hello? Cheri? Renee? Scott? Anyone?) I am so excited about that I can barely contain myself. Who wants to stay at my house? I promise Camille will do all the work, you'll just be here for emergency purposes. (See why I love that child??) I am trying to get him to take me to Rome too. We'll see...

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Monika said...

I totally feel ya on the germ stuff with Cai and all. I'll be glad when this cold/flu season is over and I can worry a tiny bit less.

YAY FOR ANIME!!! :D We looooooove it here in this house!