Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I can't believe it is almost Christmas

It is the 16th! WOW! I haven't wrapped one present yet. I need to get busy. Not only is it Christmas, but my little guy turns SIX on the 26th. Yep, Josiah is almost six. ALL BOY! He punches, kicks, screams, whines, yells, and makes so much noise that I want to smack him sometimes. He is so tall, so thin, and so handsome I cannot even tell you. His permanent teeth are coming in and he looks so grown up. He looks just like my brother, so I guess that means he takes after my side of the family. He is my only brown eyed child too. Just like his Mama. He is in Kindergarten and is reading well. Let me rephrase; for Kindergarten he is reading well:) "Jan and Pam sat on a log, Pam fell off. Pam got wet. Jan will help." You know, that kind of reading:)

We may go to Los Angeles in January for a week. We will go to Disney Land, do the touristy stuff, go to Victorville where Olaf and I were stationed... It should be fun.

I'll blog soon:)

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