Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I have to write

for Charity. Can you believe she still has dial up? C'mon Charity. Get a life! Hee hee...

I have NO idea how to get my comments back on. I tried to reinsert the code from Haloscan to no avail. I turned on Blogger comments...doesn't work. So, if you want to leave me a comment please email them to me at misty.jorek (at) I didn't put the @ sign because I guess bots get ahold of them and spam you. Anyway, email me if you want to.

We are leaving in a few short days for Disney which means I am doing continual laundry. We do not have enough clothes to actually pack right now because we don't own that many. So, we will be packing Friday night like cuh-raaaazzzeee.
I am so grateful that my children really have no desire to have the latest fashions; or any fashion for that matter:) Obviously none of us are fashion conscience if we don't own enough clothes to pack and to wear.

Life is good, all is well, I am blessed beyond measure. Sometimes I lay in bed at night and cry real tears of thankfulness to God because I am so blessed. I have five children who are healthy, I have a husband who loves me like crazy, I have a home, I am almost 41 years old and I never thought I would live to see 30. If I die today, I would die not wanting for anything. It's the first time is years that I actually feel FREEDOM, and I love it! LIFE IS GOOD people. LIFE IS GOOD!

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